New Album Releases 11/11/21

The new album is complete! I ended up with 11 songs at just under 30 minutes total. I decided to stop there as it felt these songs had a fairly common musical theme from being written and recorded over the past year at my home studio, GTown Studio.

The release date is set for 11/11/21, and you can pre-save and preorder the full album now at this link. Orders placed through Bandcamp or iTunes get you an immediate download of the first two songs, or you can listen to those first two songs at the bottom of this blog too! Or, if you still have a CD player, you can get the full album via a CD order right now at this link! How cool is that?

“That GTown Sound” will also be pressed into vinyl. I recorded a ton back in the ’80s and ’90s for a variety of bands, but this is my first full album release…as well as first solo project…and first time singing on a recording. So “BEER!” as my fellow skydivers say…

While the album is mostly drums, piano, bass and trumpet from yours truly, there is a little bit of the entire Gruwell Fam within this album. From a wicked alto sax solo by Nathan Gruwell to a moving double bass part by Jamie Gruwell and then finally the intimate poem by Stephane Gruwell that became the lyrics to 11 Shooting Stars Ago…

Jack Endino of Seattle, who originally produced and mixed my punk band DFL’s 2nd cassette release back in 1988 (when I was a junior in high school), mixed and mastered this album for me. He’s a recording giant in the Northwest, and has developed such a gift for helping songs and albums have their own sound. He was the perfect person to put the finishing touches on this unique one-man-band, mostly instrumental album.

I so look forward to getting this out there for you all to enjoy! Due to worldwide vinyl pressing delays because of increased volume and material shortages, the vinyl version of the album may not be completed until around the end of the year…but hopefully in time for the perfect Christmas present!

Check back soon for the exact vinyl release date!

That GTown Sound Album Launch Events & Dates:

  • 8/25 Online interview with Eclectic Arts, which you see at this link
  • 8/26-11/11 Launch of weekly album release posts on Instagram featuring one song a week for 11 weeks leading up to 11/11
  • 8/26-11/11 Preorders of album on all digital platforms
  • 8/26-11/11 Preorder of album on Bandcamp and iTunes includes immediate download of first 2 songs on the album
  • 8/26-11/11 Listen to the full catalog of weekly video clips in the That GTown Sound album YouTube playlist at this link
  • 10/4 CD Released; Order CD on Bandcamp at this link (CDs ship NOW with digital download sent on 11/11)
  • Date TBA for Preorders & Release on Vinyl
  • 11/11 Official Release Date of That GTown Sound Album on all music platforms

Listen and order below!