In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

Picking out the perfect set of in-ear monitors or IEMs is daunting with the number of options and opinions, and most of these info available is geared toward musicians other than drummers. So this video, info and links below will help you make a more informed decision on which way to go.

I’ve used models from both Shure and Ultimate Ears for practice, rehearsal, live performances and studio mixing. Watch the video below for an in-depth look on these models.

For drummers, the big difference is not the number or quality of drivers (speakers) in the monitor; it’s about the noise isolation that is needed for reducing the bleed of the drums into your ears. The least expensive custom mold IEMs (as long as the fit is good) are better than the most expensive model of generic IEMs with stock ear tips. This is because any set of IEMs custom molded to your ears will muffle the sound of your drums so you can hear, focus and mix your band members in your monitors at a low level that does not damage your hearing.

I completely discourage spending any money on plain, generic in-ear monitors. The price difference isn’t that much more, but the end result is 100% better for you ears, mix and confidence. Take a little extra time to save up for a set of Custom Mold IEMs.

Below is the company and models I use, which have been flawless. I’m also including the email address of my rep at Ultimate Ears who can further assist you.