Riding A 3-Year Roll…

Inspiration…creativity…drive…patience…flow…all of that and more has fueled the past 3-year stretch of making music.

At the end of 2019, just before we were all locked in for a worldwide pandemic, I had started tracking songs for my first solo album while developing plans to turn the unfinished side of my basement into a sound-proof recording studio, practice space and drum room. Those two ideas took off like wildfire.

My past 3 years inside GTown Studio produced 3 albums, 3 EPs and 6 singles while playing out monthly with Red Hot Empty, tracking drums for other artists and filling Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with One Drummer Drumming rhythms, jams and melodies.

Check out my recent favorites:

In addition to the digital release of all this music, much of it was also released physically as vinyl and CD’s. If you don’t already have these, you can pick up a copy here:

And 2024 is already heating up to bring even more new music to the world! Red Hot Empty has started recording 4 new tracks to release our next EP in early 2024.

Meanwhile the original recordings from 1988 inside Reciprocal Recording Studios from my first punk band DFL are being remixed and remastered by the original tracking engineer and long-time friend Jack Endino. This will be released in 2024 along with a few unearthed never-released tracks.

Plus I’ve already started tracking my next solo album, tentatively titled Funk Drunk, which will showcase all the original funky beats and rhythms I have running around inside of me.

And there are at least a couple of new collaborations in the works that should result in more music and performances along with all the artists and bands I’ll be tracking drums for in the new year.

So keep listening to what’s out there while checking back in here at onedrummerdrumming.com for all things ODD.

To kick off 2024, come see me live with Red Hot Empty on January 7 at Buvez in Athens. Cheers!