That GTown Sound

What is that GTown Sound? It’s born out of how you feel when you’re inside the purple eclectic GTown Stüdio here. It’s the sense of a calming peace yet your mind is on fire with creativity.

It starts with a silky smooth bass or piano line. Combine that with a dirty rhythmic beat featuring the crack of big-bodied snare, crisp hi-hats and a washy melodic ride. The drums are centered with a large warm booming bass drum and toms that sing in harmony all accented with unique crashes that can cut through a wall of sound.

Sometimes that sound is graced with the sweet sounds of percussion, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or double bass. Other times it’s just drums.

That GTown Sound is always dynamic, building on song concepts to a big ending or release.

The recording below at the beginning of 2021 embodies a good bit of That GTown Sound. Enjoy!